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New Booking System

Hi guys, As many of you will be aware, we're going to be changing our booking system from Wix to Legitfit in early January. Members will be receiving an email on the 4th of January to accept an invitation to join the Legitfit booking system. In order to make this transition as smooth as possible we would appreciate if you could fill out the following form to make sure we have the correct details for you as we change people's memberships over: For anyone currently paying us via card (on Wix) or direct debit (via Nuapay), future payments after the 4th of January will be made using the Legitfit system. So if you normally pay us monthly on the 15th of the month, the Legitfit system will recognise you having valid membership until the 15th of January, after which it will ask you to upload your card details. You don't need to do anything to cancel your Wix or Nuapay payments, this has been sorted on our end. We will still be accepting payments in person in the gym as before. Details on how to book using Legitfit will follow in a few days. Happy New Year !, Team SCC

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