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Large Group Training

It’s at the heart of everything we do and has been since the beginning. It’s our large group training that makes The SCC “The Fitness Community In Tullamore”.

Large Group Training

We call these Classes ‘Strength & Conditioning’ (S&C) and you can trust that if you show up regularly, for an extended period of time, that we’ll have all aspects of fitness covered; strength, core, toning, fat-loss , flexibility, mobility and endurance.

Large Group Training has been at the core of The SCC since 2014 and has served hundreds of people along their fitness journey. We pride ourselves in making our Large Group Training sessions fun, unintimidating and results driven.

These S&C Classes are suitable for all levels of fitness, so you need not worry if you’re a beginner.


Are You Ready To Begin Your Transformation?

If your health & fitness goals are related to fat loss, toning up and feeling better and more confident, then get in touch with us today.

Yes! I want to take the first step and take control of my health & fitness

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