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SCC Reopening Tues 8th of June !

Hi guys, I'm delighted to inform you that the gym is reopening Tuesday the 8th of June. Bookings for general gym use, and our green area (for your 'session of the day') will be done as before on the Wix App or through our website. Classes will resume Monday the 5th of July, and this includes Hot Yoga and Pilates as well as our S&C classes. Memberships were frozen while the gym wasn't open, so everyone with membership should have got an email informing them when it will expire. If anyone is unsure of their expiry date just get in touch. Anyone who had an active direct debit with us will have it restarted unless you inform us to do otherwise. If anyone has any other questions related to the gym feel free to get in touch through Wix/Facebook/Instagram or email: Enjoy your bank holiday weekend !

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