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Grab Your Christmas Card

Hi Guys, The blog seems to be a good way to get messages out to members, so here we go. We have some Christmas Cards for all of our members and they'll be available from reception form today (Mon 28th Nov). Please grab one next time you are in as we have some information we would like to share inside.

Here's what to expect.

1. Food Drive We're teaming up with the Lions Club in Tullamore for a Christmas Food Drive. It's a tough time of year for many families and our community always responds tremendously well when we ask for any sort of charitable donations. We're looking for donations of non-perishable foods to be dropped into the gym between 9-13 Dec. Please respect these dates as we will have very limited storage space. In fact, the closer to the 13th you can leave it, the better.

2. Christmas Party

Our Annual Christmas party will be taking place on Sat 17th Dec. We are inviting all members of the gym to come and have a social drink and some food with us on Dec 17th. We're planning on having our biggest turnout yet. The Summer BBQ was a great success and we're hoping to build upon that. We know it's party season and you are likely to have commitments, but it would mean a lot to us if you could pop in for even just an hour. Food and drinks provided.

3. Google Review

We're trying to accumulate some Google Reviews for our gym and we'd really appreciate it if you could take a minute to write one for us. Google reviews help bump us to the top of searches without having to pay for the placement, so it really makles a difference. There's a free coffee at The King Oak for each completed review, just ask us for your voucher at reception. if you're feeling extra helpful, you could cop and paste your review over to our Facebook page too. Here's a link to the Google Review; No time like the present. 4. Free All Access Pass

The final piece in ther card is an All Access Pass to the gym for a 7 Day period. You can gift this to anyone you want. It might come in useful for some family member home for the Christmas holidays or it may prove useful if you have a friend who's thinking about joining. please don't be shy about sharing these vouchers. It's free advertising for us and if we get a couple of new sign-ups in Jan it will be brilliant. The voucher includes access to all S&C Classes as well as general gym access, Hot Yoga & Pilates.

Grab your Card at reception and please do whatever you can for the Food Drive, our Google reviews and sharing the passes for the gym.

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