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The SCC Main Gym


We're a little bit different

We’re not your typical ‘Gym’. Gone are the days of joining a commercial gym and being handed a generic programme instantaneously. At The SCC we have taken training to the next level.


All of our team have studied to a high level across areas such as Sports Science, Physiotherapy and Strength & Conditioning, with multiple members of our team qualified up to Masters degree level, and our Physiotherapists are fully Chartered.


We care about our members and deliver high quality training in a high energy setting to athletes and the general public.

Our floor space is almost 5,000 sq. ft. of dumbbells, barbells, bumper plates, kettlebells, rowing machines, spin bikes, ski machines, air bikes and treadmills (regular and curved). This makes it one of the best kitted out training facilities in the Midlands.


We offer Gym Only membership which is perfect for those who like to take charge of their own training. Of course, we still screen, programme and familiarize our gym for those Gym Only members if they wish.  Each new member can get assessed by one of our qualified S&C coaches, and then an individualised programme can be devised to address their specific requirements.

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